Keep Plodding Forward

I’m sure that the next seventeen months are going to fly by before we know it, but we are definitely getting things moving around here. As you can see, we have registered our official domain name and have the URL of choice. Of course, if you feel like is too long, feel free to go to We have our Sponsorship page coming together and hopefully will wrap that up this week. We have moved our periodic updates to this fancy new News page which made room for a new Home page that is getting some new content as I type this out. You may feel like the design is fairly plain and sterile, but know that we have a couple of up-and-coming designers working on some branding for us and we hope to have that integrated into the site in the next few months. We are really excited to be working with them and can’t wait to see what they come up with for us. Additionally, we are scheduling to get some early concept photos of the show taken so we can give you a preview of what we hope things will look like next Fall. All very exciting stuff. In the mean time, feel free to spread the word about the show. We are on track for our October 14, 2016 debut and while that may still be a ways off, we want people to be as antsy as we are. So like our page and share it with your friends. Let’s get the word out and make our first event an overwhelming success!